In 2002, the Brazilian ANSP (DECEA), during a meeting of GREPECAS (Caribbean and South American Regional Planning and Implementation Group), approved by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), assumed, as a State commitment, the creation, providing operational, technical and human resources for CARSAMMA (CARibbean and South AMerican Monitoring Agency).

CARSAMMA’s objective is to monitor the RVSM airspace, which extends from flight level 290 to 410, through the collection of Large Height Deviation (LHD) reports, Air Movement Audit and Risk Analysis of Vertical Collision that underlie part of the operational security strategies of the 34 Flight Information Region (FIR) under its supervision. Among the main attributions, we can highlight some:

  • Monitor operational safety aspects with regard to vertical navigation through the Vertical Collision Risk Model (CRM) in RVSM airspace;
  • Analyze and validate LHD reports;
  • Perform the calculation of the Altimetry System Error (ASE), part of the RVSM approval process, of aircraft in the CAR/SAM regions;
  • Oversee the RVSM approval status of aircraft in the CAR/SAM regions, maintaining an updated database of RVSM approvals; and
  • Ensure the operational safety levels of RVSM airspace in the Caribbean and South America regions.